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Introducing AW24

Written by: Kelli Tindale



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AW24 is an ode to the subtle luxury of our daily rituals, offering purposeful pieces that transform a house into a home. Carefully curated and conscientiously designed, this luxurious collection speaks to the beauty of taking time to craft perfection.

As the air grows crisp and days shorten, immerse yourself in the essence of comfort with L&M Home's AW24 collection—a harmonious blend of rich, grounding tones and sumptuous textures crafted to elevate every moment.

“The aesthetic balances classic elegance with pure modern pattern and tones” - Danielle Bowers, Creative Director | L&M Home

With a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair, each piece in this collection effortlessly merges soft curves with bold patterns and colours.

From soothing tonal melange inspired by nature's palette, to deep, muted shades of olive and manuka, every element radiates tranquillity.

Beyond aesthetics, practicality meets comfort in every stitch and fold. Whether lounging solo or entertaining guests, these homewares create a sanctuary where ordinary moments become extraordinary.

At its core, this collection celebrates the interplay of texture, pattern and colour—a delicate harmony between craftsmanship and design. As we indulge in moments of calm, let L&M Home’s AW24 collection be your ode to comfort.

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