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Article: How the L&M Home team are Spending Self Isolation

How the L&M Home team are Spending Self Isolation

How the L&M Home team are Spending Self Isolation

L&M Home's Guide to Social Distancing at Home

With the official advice to stay at home and avoid socialising, there is an abundance of spare time for many of us at weekends or when we would usually be commuting. So the team at L&M Home have gathered together some ideas of how to stay entertained, healthy and balanced during this peculiar time.

Other than repeatedly washing our hands and refreshing the news, this is what our team is doing to stay occupied!

Danielle - Creative Director

I’m working through the things on my to-do list that I never get around to! This includes finally giving my indoor plants the attention they require and repotting some into our Mona Planters.

This time of year is perfect for cleaning and airing out the linen cupboard before winter hits. It’s nearly time to bring out the heavier duvets and cosier blankets.

Finally, I’ll be involving my kids in a good old toy and book organisation session, as these things tend to get out of control very quickly! 

L&M Home Planters

Irene - Admin Coordinator

I just picked some figs from Dad’s garden, so my plan is to make some fig and walnut muffins.

I also plan to clean out and arrange my wardrobe, there’s my weekend done! 

Thomas - Web Designer

I've been calling and messaging friends and family as much as possible. The website Zoom is a great way to have meetings and to be able to see everyone on camera.

I recommend limiting the time spent watching or reading the news and social media as there is a lot of misinformation and speculation about the virus going around. I have almost stopped looking at the news completely and if I absolutely need to check the news it’s usually on ABC news website with a limit of 5 minutes. Get those around you to help – I have asked my girlfriend to yell at me if she sees me looking at the news as it is only making me anxious!

Get outside and get active – exercise is a great way to take your mind off what is happening in the world. In addition to this, spend some time appreciating nature. Whether it is in out in the garden, a park or a documentary on Netflix. It is important to remember there are still amazing and beautiful things out there.

L&M Home Moss Tablecloth - Figs

OJ - Accounts

My wife and I are hosting virtual after work cocktails for our friends tonight – a ‘quarantini party!’

Anna - Founder + Director

I’m looking forward to reading a new book I just bought – When we Were Vikings by Andrew David Macdonald – as a Norwegian, of course I am. 

I plan to clean up the garage and the freezer, these are things I have been meaning to do for ages and I imagine there must be things in there from Viking time.

Holly - Team Coordinator + Sales

I have been taking the time to clean and reorganise the apartment. There has been extra time to talk to family and friends and we plan on a family skype catch up this weekend.

I want to do something crafty this weekend…play some music, light some candles and get out the water colour paints.  If you can, avoid chain supermarkets and buy groceries from small independently owned grocers.

LM Home Napkins

Sandra - Sales

This weekend I am planning on giving an old bookshelf a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint!  It’s something I have been wanting to do for a while but I never seem to be able to find the time.

Polly - Marketing + PR

I’ve been using the House Party app to jump on video calls with family and friends in England.

While it’s hard to stay motivated with gyms closed, I’ve been trying to start my day with an exercise tutorial on YouTube. There are so many amazing free ones for whatever length of time you have. This past weekend I made a huge pot of soup full of veggies and beans to keep the immune system strong.  

I’ve also been reading a lot as it’s a great escape from current news; I just finished Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I absolutely loved it and enjoy curling up with a cosy throw now that the weather is cooling down in Melbourne.

Carolina - Showroom

Virtual yoga is keeping me calm and healthy, but cocktail hour is also important! It's all about balance.

L&M Home Waffle Throws

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